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3rd Wave not booting after a firmware update? How do I reset? Instructions HERE


Latest 3rd Wave OS version 1.8d, released June 19, 2024: w3_1_8d.ldr (same file for keyboard and desktop module)
Latest version README: HERE
How do I load a new OS? Check instructions HERE
Version 1.8 introduces sampling capabilities, download some example samples and presets HERE (see README for instructions). We are sure you will be able to come up with even better material yourself.
Version 1.8 Sampling Manual Addendum: pdf

3rd Wave How To Make And Use Samples – OS 1.8 Tutorial and Video Manual

A BIG thank you to Starsky Carr, Jason Proctor, Patrick Edwards, and Chris Meyer for sharing their expertise on the Prophet VS!
Units that come from the factory with version 1.7 or later already have the Prophet VS wavetables loaded in slots P34 and P35
The VS waveforms can be downloaded separately HERE
How do I load in the Prophet VS waveforms? Check instructions HERE

Latest 3rd Wave Keyboard Manual: pdf
Version 1.8 Sampling Manual Addendum: pdf
Version 1.5 Manual Addendum: pdf
Latest 3rd Wave Desktop Manual: pdf

3rd Wave factory sound banks download HERE
An index of the 3rd Wave factory programs by name HERE
A simple and primitive librarian tool for the 3rd Wave programs (python) HERE
Factory U Wavetables download HERE
Factory P Wavetables download HERE (P00-P33)

Info about the 3rd Wave midi implementation HERE

Find old OS releases HERE